Hi Zainab, thanks for your question. I definitely felt the increase in mental clarity after about a month — my body has fully adjusted to the routine of fasting every day.

I can’t be certain as for why you have not felt any of the commonly known IF benefits that are not related to weight loss, as there are many variables. However, since you told me you fast for Ramzan, if I had to guess, I might attribute it to:
1. You’re not doing it regularly enough if it’s only for Ramzan.

2. You can’t consume water throughout the day for Ramzan — most people are still consuming sufficient water and other zero-calorie beverages during IF.

3. It might have something to do with the hours too — Ramzan fasts are 11–16 hours during the day, whereas normal IF are commonly 16 hours through the evening, sleep, and morning (when most people don’t need to be as focused anyway).

These are just my best guesses based on what I’ve learned to be the main differences between a Ramzan fast and normal IF :)

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